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Marble Cake May 5, 2007

Filed under: cakes — thenovicebaker @ 11:22 am

Mine didnt turn out as gorgeous as Aunty Yochana. It was fun preparing this cake tho!

Taste wise – perfect. I put in more cocoa mixture than her.
Hopefully it’ll remain as moist as it was fresh from the oven for tomorrow’s breakfast! 


Verdict (Updated a day later):
Cake is perfect! Remain as moist as it should be. The recipe called for 3 large eggs, so I used 5 small eggs. AND I reduce sugar to 200g instead.
I’m happy with my marble cake! 😀
Go try the recipe. It’s a real keeper.

I’m confidently proclaiming that my cake beats all other established ‘marble-cake’ bakery, ANY TIME.
I just need to do my swirls better the next time. Heh. 


6 Responses to “Marble Cake”

  1. Olivia Says:

    That marble cake looks good. Can I have the recipe, please? Have never tried marble cake before.

  2. foodzilla Says:

    looked delicious ,any chance of buying your creations?

  3. Auralyn Says:

    What a wonderful blog! I’m loving everything, the pictures are great and so is the decoration, and I want to try all of your recipes! keep posting!! ^^


    Hi dear, this cake looks absolutely so good. Could I have the recipe please? Thanks!!

  5. loves baking Says:

    Hi, lovely cake, looks yummilicius.

    May I have the recipe please?

  6. Recipe:

    250 gm. butter
    1 tsp. vanilla essence
    250 gm. castor sugar
    3 eggs
    330 gm. self-raising flour
    180 ml. milk
    pink food colouring
    2 tbsp. cocoa powder
    2 Tbsp. milk – extra


    (1) Beat butter, vanilla essence and sugar until light and fluffy.
    (2) Add in eggs one at a time.
    (3) Stir in flour and milk in two batches. Divide mixture into 3 portions.
    (4) Blend sifted cocoa powder with extra milk and stir into one portion.
    (5) Add pink colouring into another portion and leaving the third portion plain.
    (6) Drop alternate spoonfuls of mixtures into an 8″ round pan. Use a chopstick to pull backwards and forward through the mixture.
    (7) Bake cake about 1 hour at 175C. Stand cake 5 mins. in pan then tun onto wire rack to cool.

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