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Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies February 14, 2007

Filed under: cakes — thenovicebaker @ 3:41 pm

I know I gave 10 THUMBS UP for my previous attempt at Hershey’s Brownies.

I changed my mind. I had feedback that the Hershey’s Brownies that I made (though tasted great!), but the texture was nowhere near brownies-texture. More like a really solid rich chocolate cake, which I gotta agree to a certain extent.

Now, I’m going to swear upon THIS ultimate Brownies recipe.
I mean, how wrong can Jamie Oliver’s recipe go, right?

Anyhow, the texture and the use of dark chocolate added so much oomph. Almost orgasmic eating this brownie. I really can go on and on… It is TOOOOO good already. No where near cake texture this time. It’s nice and sticky.


 That’s it! This is going to be MY brownies recipe for the rest of my life. I decreased the sugar hence the cocoa powder and dark chocolate taste is pretty overwhelming… But I like! 😀 Just make sure you watch the brownies…. Don’t overbake it. The top shouldn’t be too hard if not it is probably a sign that you burnt it.


7 Responses to “Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies”

  1. Shane Says:

    looks like u r not just good at baking, probably good in photography as well..haha. The pics of the food always look so yummy. “)

  2. Cas Says:

    Hi. the brownies looks wonderful! but unfortch when i click on the link, it didn’t work :(:( do u still have the recipe? i’d love to bake some for my friends 🙂

  3. dorothy Says:

    Hi May I have this recipe – Blooming Brilliang Brownies? thanks

  4. worst novice baker Says:

    Where’s the recipe …. I’m on the prowl for the cheapest best tasting brownie … so far the winner is …. Holy Trinity Church ( Tampines) Sunday morning ….

  5. Shalom84 Says:

    after you click on the link, look towards the right side of the page and click on Dessert, choose the Brownies 🙂

  6. aya Says:

    hi can you send me your recipe please? it look so irresistible on the picture, so its definitely taste good. hope you can send me the recipe. god bless

  7. khim Says:

    I look everywhere but can’t find the recipe. Wld u care to send to my email? thks so much =)

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